Enter the world of Independent Recording Artist Grayson Clarks as he showcases raw lyrics with a fun energetic sound that will make you think and dance at the same time.

Darrion Tillman better known to the public as Grayson Clarks is an independent recording artist who was born in a small town about 30 miles from Monroe, Louisiana. Although his immediate family lived in Clarks, Louisiana which is about 30 miles from Monroe. Clarks is known as the bottom to those who reside there.

At this time Grayson had already established a mind frame at the age of nine that expressing his creativity was going to be essential in his life.

Grayson Clarks was always expressing his creativity through a plethora of outlets such as sports, band, drawing, dance etc. In the sixth grade he joined the Marching Band at Virginia Beach Middle School. It was then when he found a passion for music and creating music. Music helped him express himself emotionally through the notes and melodies of the scores he had to play. He found a passion in playing percussion instruments such as the Xylophone, Marimba, Snare, Bass Drum, Tenors and even Choir. Music has always been his passion but proving himself right is a bigger passion. Before music there was basketball. Basketball as he explains it, is his escape from the harsh realities of the world.

Basketball and competing at a high level shaped his character and motivated him not to take failure; better yet he couldn’t accept failure. His basketball coach told him he wouldn’t be able to play college basketball, so Grayson took matters into his own hands and dedicated the next four years of his life to basketball and subsequently garnered a full athletic scholarship from thin air to attend Angelo State University. Prior to Angelo State University, Grayson Clarks spent most of his pre teens traveling the country sacrificing family and friends to prove to himself and to his high school basketball coach that he could play college basketball.

He took that same ambition and drive and channeled it to a career in music. In 2010 Grayson recorded his first track in a room with a friend from college who went by the name Wiz Kid. The track was entitle “Make it Reign,” a cover of the smash hit record “Make it Rain” by Travis Porter. Although the cover didn’t get a lot of views on Youtube he received positive feedback from some unexpected supporters and so he took off and began writing non stop, working on his craft and perfecting his craft. In 2016 Grayson has made enough songs to where he felt confident in his music and began Recording his debut EP “ at a rammy award winning studio in Houston Texas.




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